April 25, 2017


 Dear Students,

The real expectation of learning consists not in seeking innovation but need to bent of mind. Every learner has got inhibited talents. It is core where blood circulates to various organs and sufficient to the mind where the entire body functions by it & towards to fulfill the dream of individual.

Wants are of many but accurate want has to be appreciated and accepted continental. Decision making is a difficult task but when determined takes a decision about career makes task easy. We are committed to carve the careers of individuals who are in dilemma and therefore only satisfactory settlement. No one can achieve the goal of his dream but being along with the goal, experience, satisfaction, mastery could be gained. For such achievement “Deepthi Institute of Hotel Management” is here for you to make successful in reaching your destiny.

Hence you are the true generation of your ancestors and make them feel proud.

With Best Regards

U.P Raju