April 25, 2017


Basic Training Kitchen

To acquaint the students with fundamentals of Food Production, enabling the student to learn the basic process of cooking, mastering the subject of the ingredients used and their importance – Methods of cooking and related terminology.

Quantity Training Kitchen

To provide hands on practical training in quantity cooking emphasizing on the mixing & combining of ingredients in right proportions for large quantities, rectification of errors during cooking to avoid wastage and to introduce the students to Indian Regional Cuisines with special emphasis on authenticity, ethnicity and cultural linkages.

Bakery & Confectionery

To have professional approach for making international breads. To have knowledge on raising agents, proving time, baking temperatures and glacing of end products. Error & rectification in dough making and after baking. To professionally plate desserts, compound desserts, cakes, gateaux, tarts etc. To further the skills of baking methods and bake various breads with variety of ingredients and also to understand patisserie techniques in relation to cake making.

Advanced Training Kitchen

To emphasize the importance of appearance, garnish, presentation and eye appeal in order to make the food look presentable. Also to acquaint the students to the latest trends in cold kitchen and its importance in gastronomy. Advance cold food presentations with emphasis mainly on presentation and the techniques of making intricate cold presentations.

Advanced Bakery & Pastry

To make elaborate pastry and confectionery show pieces. Students will develop the artistic approach towards pastry and confectionery products and due importance is given to the finishing and eye appeal for presenting plated and whole desserts for both a la carte and buffets.

Lecture Rooms

Lecture Rooms where you discover the theory and application of culinary science and other topics such as fine wine appreciation and the creative uses of fresh herbs.

Computer Laboratory

A Computer Lab to learn applications of high technology in the workplace for efficiency in accounting, purchasing, inventory and recipe management. Using the internet research to find out and learn about topics related to Food and Service Industry.

Front Office Laboratory

To understand the role of a front office personnel in a hotel and to perform basic front office task and telephone Etiquette, Conversation and Manners. Taking a reservation on telephone. Guest check in procedure. Providing information.

Training Restaurant

Students will be introduced to classical restaurant service styles, table laying, menu planning and the restaurant operations. To develop the knowledge of various alcoholic beverages, their history, manufacture, classification, storage, mixing and service. To impart menu knowledge in French and service of beverages such as Service of Wines, Beer, Spirits, Liqueurs, Aperitifs and mixed drinks.

Audio Visual Hall

Area where demonstrations, guest lectures, classes with OHP, students seminars and workshop are conducted. Students are also given coaching on communicational skills by using latest Audio aided techniques. The conference room is equipped with modern audio-video technological facilities. The conference room witnesses the young talent indulge in group discussions, presentations, mock sessions, online seminars etc.


Modern cafeteria in the campus provides nutritious food to the students at no extra cost. Special dishes are served to students on special occasions.

Model Guest Bed Room

The students are imparted with practical training in the Model Guest Room. The students are taught the bed making, cleaning and maintenance of the Guest room and cleanliness of public areas. They also learn the art of Flower Arrangement and interior decoration which plays an integral part in the Hotel Industry.

House Keeping Laboratory

To give the students a broad practical knowledge of the work carried out by the House- Keeping department including maintenance of difference areas.

Sports Facilities

Facilities for various sports and games like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, shuttle badminton, Cricket, Kho-kho, Kabaddi and athletics are provided. Students can also avail the facilities of indoor games like Table tennis, carom and Chess.

Library Facility

Library and Information Resources provides collections, programs, and services designed to encourage intellectual growth and artistic expression. The library is a place for collaborative learning where students and faculty meet to discuss projects and debate ideas.

A most modern brain testing and brain tempting library with more books in catering and related subjects to make our students second to none and to keep pace with the explosion of knowledge.

Library consists of variety of books which are related to:

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Food Service
  • Food Service Management
  • Hotel Management

and many more...

In library we also have web resources for sites related to

  • Hospitality Food Service and Hotel Management
  • Legal information for Hospitality Food Service and Hotel Management
  • Library research guides that can help with Hospitality Food Service and Hotel Management

and many more...

Assistance : Librarians are ready and willing to help you with your library research at the Reference Desk and in other departments of the library.

Learning about the Library : Handouts describing the library and its services can be found near the entrance.

Access to Databases : The library provides access to dozens of periodical databases on a wide range of subjects. Some provide citations and abstracts, while others provide the complete text of articles. Databases are available at library, remotely from faculty and staff.

Multicultural Program : The Multicultural Program uses the library's collections and services to support cultural diversity. Its activities include collecting materials in ethnic/multicultural studies, assistance and instruction in the use of those materials, outreach to culturally diverse students to encourage knowledge and use of the library, and library displays on cultural topics.

Library Media Center : Videos and video sets of educational value are available for individual study in the Music and Media Library 

Hostel Facility

As residence on campus is compulsory, the Institute is fully aware of safety and security aspects in regard to the students, particularly female students. There are separate hostel buildings for ladies and gentlemen. Both hostels are under the supervision of a warden (a female warden for the ladies' hostel) residing in the building. In the entrance area of the hostels, there is a reception desk, where all entries and attendances are verified, in addition to the strict security check at the main gate of the Institute's premises.

Parents, including male members of the family, have access to the reception, featuring a lounge area. No male persons, including family members, are authorized to be on the floors of the ladies hostel, except under prior permission from the Director or under his delegated authority.

Likewise, only female staff members will work in the ladies' hostel. Finally, there are clear regulations concerning visiting times, with curfews.Hostels provide friendly, inexpensive overnight accommodations for travelers. Hostelling International hostels assure travelers the utmost in quality standards including cleanliness, security and service.

Our DIHM is "to help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling."

Student Representative Council

DIHM has its own Student Council, which consists of a committee of students, elected by the students in each semester of the course. Meetings between the Council and the School are held regularly, with an agenda drawn up by the Council on behalf of the student body. The agenda can include items concerning student social or welfare concerns, general operational problems or academic matters which the students wish to bring to the attention of the Management. A Students' Representative Council represents student interests in academy, school or other educational institution.

Generally the SRC forms part of a broader Students' Association which may include other functions such as societies, entertainments (in the form of a Students' Union) and sports (in the form of a Sports Union.)

Academies may have a statutory obligation to receive representation from the SRC and it is usual for student representatives from the SRC to form part of academy structures including the Academy Court, Academic Senate and other bodies.

Each academy has a statutory obligation to receive representation from the SRC and it is usual for student representatives to be elected by the SRC or student body onto the Academy Court, Academic Senate or Council. The SRC is usually headed by a sabbatical officer elected by the student body, who will usually be paid and take a year out of study to take on the role. Sometimes they will, instead, dedicate a year after completing their studies. In many cases there are a small number of other full-time elected officers.

DIHM teaches the following along with academics

Soft skills

Decision makers want to hire a management professional with the following soft skills :
Critical Thinking: Ability to conceptualize, analyze, and evaluate situations in order to make sound business decisions. Credibility: Ability to gain the trust of staff members, business associates, and colleagues to ensure corporate buy-in. Commitment to Excellence: Demonstrate you never settle for second best.

Group Discussion

Group Discussions are intended to provide a forum for the extended exchange of ideas among participants on topics of broad interest and national relevance in management education

Listening skills

"We were given two ears but only one mouth. This is because God knew that listening was twice as hard as talking"

People need to practice and acquire skills to be good listeners, because a speaker cannot throw you information in the same manner that a dart player tosses a dart at a passive dartboard. Information is an intangible substance that must be sent by the speaker and received by an active listener.

Writing skills

You will spend a lot of time and effort communicating your ideas in writing during your course. Many people are intimidated by writing. Even so, there are times when writing is the best way to communicate, and often the only way to get your message across.

Mock Interviews

An interview is an important opportunity for candidates to meet to be evaluated for selection, whatever the reason for the selection may be. Organizations approach this task in different ways, with specific purposes and objectives. It is important for you to be able to ascertain quickly as to what type of interview you are facing, to be able to take a stance that fulfils the purpose of the interview.


Etiquette, one aspect of decorum, is a code that governs the expectations of social behavior, according to the conventional norm within a society, social class, or group. Usually unwritten, it may be codified in written form. Etiquette usually reflects formulas of conduct in which society or tradition have invested.